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Economo v10


built with VS2010, WCF, SQL Express 2008

Product started in 1994 as a Clipper Summer 87, over DBase project.

It suffered from the Y2k syndrom because the expenses grid was made for only 8 digits, even though the dbase tables actually supported 4 digits for the year.
The program could not be modified due to the lost of the source code.

a Genexus version was projected in 1996, but it was halted, mainly because the Clipper version was working well.
C# versions were started in 2003 and 2005 trying to implement new features, likes reports, and a web version, but It never got to pre-alpha versions.

Economo has lived in a Excel version since 2005, which is pretty embarrasing.

v10 it´s not actually the tenth version, but it´s the year 2010 that gives it´s name. We are starting with a complete set of Requirements predefined based mostly on the Excel experience.
Sql express is going to be used for the DB since it´s free.

WCF with Linq for the services, since we intend to create a win client for administration and a web version for expenses report.

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