I added the class library EntitiesConversion to convert DTO and BusinessEntities back and forth,
I took the code from Guille K , who sent me the conversion classes and the MappingAttributes classes to decorate the entities.
The process is simple, iterating each property and mapps using the attribute from the entity.

With this working I updted the BL Banks methods.

Now we can be independent from the Linq DataContext, classes and most important we don´t expose the DataContext methods to the other layers.


During last week I struggled to configure the Ent Lib exception handling to manage and log the exceptions, so I got demotivated.
This week I started again, and I solved the ex handling, and ex shielding. Also I found a problem with the MessageContract, I must have the default constructor.
Also I changed the Entities, and added the DataContract decoration , so I can use them directly in the ServiceContract
At the last moment I removed all MessageContracts, and replace the Interface with DataContracts or primitive types.


This week I changed the UI, implementing the MVP pattern.
Also implemented the upload of logo for banking.


Last couple of weeks I finished implementing a generic Entity managment for UI, that's the user control, the presenter and the view.
The user control has a grid and the toolbar. For the grid and the toolbar it was neccessary to create a user control inheriting from the datagridview, otherwise on the inherited controls you can't change grid properties on design time.
The presenter has virtual methods for the update/edit etc.
I also fixed all the EntLib exception and logging managment.
Current implemented entites are Bank, BankAccount and CreditCard, this last one isn't finished yet, I'm on the processe of fixing a couple of related bugs.
Next in line are Accounts, and Movements.
I also plan to create a generic fits every entity control to manage auxiliary entites, like Bank, currency, etc. That's is to avoid creating the contracts, imeplementation, business logic etc, for each entity, and they all do the same.


This week I added new classes on the backend for AccountTypes and Accounts. Also fixed minor bugs for the user controls.

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